Car sales in the UK

The UK car sales market 2014 reports that the figures have risen substantially, breaking the greatest record that dates back to the 80′s. Official updates were released last month, May, which is the 27th month in a row to have projected high automotive market sales. Factors involving to such would be the raised level of confidence, as well as a solid economic growth. Both these have swelled great demand for a list of new cars within the UK, where sales continue to outpace the pre-recession levels.

British automotive buyers have always been the car industry darling of the European region, and this has been so for the past two years while the remainders of the continent were stifling with dwindling sales. In the UK, new car sales in May rose 7.7 percent to 194,032 vehicles. The sales have been up by far to an 11 percent mark compared that of the collective sales of 2013. Nevertheless, that does not deny the inquisitiveness of market watchers and expert analysts, particularly on the topics of economic foundations and sustainability of the massive boom.

Recent studies suggests that in every ten new cars, at least eight are bought through credit in the UK. Since […]

Buying 2nd Hand Motors

Common Sense and Research will help you Choose the Best Used Car written by: timiuswyle

It is always best to choose a reputable source when purchasing a used vehicle. This may end up saving you hours or even weeks of headaches dealing with a car that has problems not disclosed to you at the time of purchase. There are numerous ways to research dealers and a combination of these will give you the best results. Word of mouth is amongst the best forms of recommendation a company can receive and asking your friends, coworkers, and family for ideas on a good company to purchase a used car from is a great place to start.

Purchasing used cars from trusted sources will help make sure you have a good chance of buying a quality car the first time around. A reputable used car company may also offer some type of guarantee or warranty for used cars purchased from them. This warranty will depend on the age and mileage on the car itself but even a 30 day guarantee will help prevent problems. Many new car dealerships also sell used cars and these may be certified by the car brand the dealership sells […]

Free Car Valuation Service

Having been in the car industry for many years, CarBuyingAdvisor has managed to develop a reliable reputation and this is all thanks to their consistent delivery of service to customers. The company has a host of reliable services that will definitely be beneficial to you, especially if you’re looking to buy a car or if you’re already a car owner. Some of the services that they have on offer include car buying advice, free vehicle valuation as well as a find a car service that is also free. The free car valuation service is particularly important and you should always ensure that you value your vehicle with so as to get the most of its worth.

If you’re looking to sell something and want to get the most of its worth, it helps to know its value prior to the negotiation deal. The case is the same when you want to sell your vehicle or engage in any form of car transaction. Once you know how much your car is worth, you’ll then be able to proceed with any negotiation with the full knowledge of what you expect to get from the deal. Negotiating the sale of a car […]

New UK Dealer Review Service

Do you want to know why you should review car dealerships at Car Buying Advisor before you think about spending any cash? The simple answer is that when you are going to be spending thousands of Pounds, surely you want to know that the person you are handing the money to is capable of giving you the service you deserve? Should you not have the right to have access to this kind of information?


Sadly, this industry has always had a bit of a stigma attached to it thanks to some less than honest dealers who will think nothing of getting as much cash as possible out of you for a car that is simply not worth the money. Thing have certainly improved a great deal since a couple of decades ago, but are you in a position to take a chance on this and perhaps get burnt in the process when there is a simple solution sitting there in front of you?


In days gone by you simply had to go with what you had heard from people you know as word of mouth was King. You had to hope that bad news about a car dealer would filter through […]